28 Day Challenge


Woman in fitness wear with vegetarian food

Developed by Strength Coach Richard Andreucetti  i invite you to take on our  28 Day ” Body Type” Challenge”.

The next challenge starts end of April and allows you Unlimited training to any Fitness or Yoga classes on the schedule. We will explain, how to eat correctly to ensure fat loss, gain lean muscle and increase fitness and energy levels through diet and exercise. At the beginning of the challenge participants will be weighted and get body fat tested. This is the best way to monitor progress throughout the weeks as we will be able to tell exactly what each individuals fat loss is. Additionally we will be offering before and after photographs. This is a fantastic way of seeing the difference in your physical shape.

The program costs €155 for the 4 weeks and we will give you recipes and a shopping list for everyone. You will meet individually with Richard who based on a questionairre form that everyone fills and your body types will personalised and guide you to a diet that and best for you.

You will also be given a blood test to test for cholesterol levels. This will also help in guiding a diet that is personalised for you.

Additionally everyone will be included into a Whatsapp group for 24/7 guidance and motivation and tips will be given throughout the weeks. This has proved hugely beneficial for previous members as support from coaches and fellow participants was there every weekend and during those tough times. The group allows us to give you immediate feedback to any question and the whole group learn together. We will ask you to take loads of photographs of your food for us comment the portion sizes, and what is on the plate. You will learn as you go through the program and by the end of the program you have redesigned the way you eat forever.

We believe this program will retrain you to develop the correct eating habitats for you and your family ensuring that fat loss, peek health and vitality remain in your life.

Fancy Joining Us it could change your life?

Give me a call or an email to secure your space:

Richard 0876341861 or Strongbodies1@gmail.com