Strength & Conditioning

Strength is an integral part of being fit. Fit for life, sports, kids whatever being physically strong allows you to have confidence in yourself. We use a variety of strength exercises including bodyweight, resistance bands, suspension trainers and Kettlebells to develop your strength.

Conditioning refers to the body being able to reproduce the activity or exercise repeatedly with minimal rest. The less you rest and the more you are working the fitter you are and therefore more conditioned you are. Running, Hiit, Bodyweight exercises and resistance based exercises are all used to get you into the best shape of your life.

Benefits include:

Decreases Weight Loss & Improves Fitness Levels
Protects Bone Density & Maintain Lean Muscle Tissue
Improves Energy levels and Mood & Decreases Anxiety
Improves Posture & Decrease Injury Potential
Improves Flexibility
Lowers High Blood Pressure