Weight Loss & Life Balancing Program

We have developed 3 programmes to suits each individual’s needs. You will be coached on making correct food choices when to eat, learn what foods are most nutritious and highlight triggers that cause you to overeat or drink. Developing an action plan based on your needs will help keep the weight off, permanently.

What you get

1 Hour Personal Consultations (Using my 4 Pillar’s Happiness & Health Model)
Complete Privacy & Confidenality
1 Personal Training Session per week (to be organised directly)
Weekly Baseline Body Measurements. Includes Body Fat%, Muscle Mass, Hydration levels, Weight, Measurements
Personally Tailored Weekly Exercise Programs to fit your life
Complete Lifestyle Analysis & recommended Changes

Education on nutrition. Buying products, what you and your family are eating, healthy lifestyle
No “Up selling” to protein powders, supplements rather we explain how you should eat for your body type using Real Food
Recipes and Weekly Foods Plans
Tailored Low cost maintainence plans to keep the weight off
Action plan will be developed by both of us to deal with lifes events: Weddings, Holidays etc