Starting Thursday 15th – Finishing Christmas
This online program is designed to make sure you get the results you want. I focus on getting your mindset right. This is the most important element of the challenge. You will reinforce positive thoughts and develop small habits. These repeated small actions done each day will result in big changes to your life. Get your mindset focused on success every day and i will give you the tools to achieve happiness.
The program includes:
*40 Recipes (10 x Breakfast, 10 x Lunches, 10 x Dinners & 10 x Snacks)
*Self Measurement Testing Form & Technique
*Weekly Home Workouts
*Goal Setting Techniques
*Mindset the secret to happiness program
If you have not set up an email on your paypal account, you must email me with the reference of your payment to strongbodies1@gmail.com.
I will email the program to you on Friday 15th November
Enjoy your Challenge and the process of taking control of your life.