Our beliefs

Why we do what we do?

  • I have been in the fitness industry since 2007. In that time I have learnt of the importance of loving my job. It is want I do, I love it and my clients are the reason why I do it. I train myself and my clients the way the body is supposed to move. At Strongbodies we develop bodies to be strong using our functional movement philosophy.


What does that mean?

  • The body moves in planes of motions, forward, backwards, up, down and rotates. Too often other training style just train the body in one way of moving. We believe in using fundamentals of body movements that we used when we were kids in the playground. Running, jumping, twisting, pulling and pushing are the functional movement. Our tag line “Its child’s play for adults” targets these forgotten movements and all the muscles in the body that you use every day to will keep your body functionally fit for whatever life throws at you. Our beliefs are to train the movement. Then once the movement is perfected we will advance the movement and progress the exercise so that the workout intensifies. We train “Movement not muscles”. Sure aesthetics are important, we all want to lose that stubborn fat however being able to move and do a range of exercises will result in your being able to perform better which in turn will allow you to push harder during sessions and get greater results injury free. Movement is our primary goal for healthy bodies.
  • Our training classes that we offer and the equipment that we use are a testament to the way we think about fitness. We are a one stop shop for you and your body. Pilates, Yoga, Bodyweight and assisted strength training like TRX and animal bases movements are all covered in our services to you. We mix this with our nutritional program of the 7P’s means that mind and body is developed.