• What is Strongbodies?

    Strongbodies is all about getting its members to enjoy training and being healthy. We use specific exercises and the latest and most beneficial training equipment to get you into the best shape of your life. Teaching you how and why to train in a specific way to reach your goals. We have developed a variety of classes to keep training interesting for our members and have you buzzing to training again.

    What equipment do you use?

    Kettlebells often refered to as a hand held gym. This piece of equipment will work every muscle muscle group in the body. Fantastic, portable piece of equipment.

    TRX developed by a US marine, the lightweight and functional training tool allows the body to use its full range of motion. This allows the person go lower in a squat or push up and uses their own body weight as resistance against themselves. We are getting amazing results with this versatile training tool.

    Bulgarian Bag developed by Ivan Ivanov originally developed for wrestlers is an amazing piece of training equipment for developing abs, tone the whole body and loosing weight. Moves like the spin and power clean require huge abdominal control and the flexibility and comfort of the bag as it sits on your shoulders allows us training the whole body pushing you to your limits. We are currently leading a trend in training with the bag.

    Is it very tough going?

    You go at your level to start with. We specifically designed our classes so that we can easily bring people through the exercises and training styles that we use but at your fitness level. For best results, select one of our payment packages, bronze, silver, gold and premium and develop your fitness level over the month. Improvement in fitness levels will be seen in the first two to three weeks. So come on change your life!!!!

    Do I have to be fit to join?

    No, but you do have to start some time and if your thinking about this question then chances are your not in the best shape. Don’t worry that’s what were here for we will look after you. You will do the exercise at your level. Every single exercise can be made really easy so you are still part of the class but your going at your level. Progression will be developed over the weeks that you keep coming. Next thing you know you will be hooked and missing us. Its tough but hey so is life. You will get to use some really great training tools including, TRX, Kettlebells, Bulgarians Bags amongst others

    How much does it cost?

    We have weekly and monthly Options for you to choose from.

    All payment options include Yoga, Pilates and Fitness classes

    Drop in €8


    Weekly Options

    3 session a week – €15

    Unlimited per week – €25


    Monthly Options

    8 classes €40 – (€5 per class)

    Unlimited Classes – €65

    If you want to just check us out no problem pop on in, we dont bite….

    How do i pick a training session?

    Just go onto the website a click on the schedule button and choose which session you want to go to. The online booking system will allow you to select whatever class you want to do.

    Can I bring a friend?

    Of course, but make sure they login to the site so that they can secure a place in the class. This will involve them creating and account but sure it only takes two seconds

    How long does it go on for?

    Classes last 45mins to an hour depending on the program choosen. Please insure you arrive 10mins before the start of your session.

    What age group is it for?

    We do not exclude anyone over the age of 16, training is open for anyone who wants to get into shape.

    Should I talk to a doctor before i do a Strongbodies Session?

    If you are unsure of your health then consult your GP. We will ask you to fill out a health screening form.

    What is a typical Strongbodies Session like?

    It depends on what session you choose to do. As a principle we use a few key training methods. This includes starting with a mobility warm up, resistance based session, followed by HIIT high intensity interval training, finishing off with Abs strengthening and then a static stretch session.