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Me and my Bulgarian Bag


Richard Andreucetti

Position: Strongbodies Owner
  • Why did you become a trainer?

    I hated the idea of a desk job, but have always wanted to be my own boss. Then i always want to work with people. Lastly i always loved training and now more recently have developed a real liking for anatomy and how the body moves. I really like how exercise can directly help improve the body’s movement capabilities whether it is improving flexibility and mobility or increasing a person’s physical performance and fitness

  • What is your favorite form of training?

    My current favorite is training with the Bulgarian Bag and Bodyweight. Using the body has always been my favorite but I’m really enjoying the Bulgarian bag at the moment.

  • What’s your favorite meal?

    Steak, with thin crispy chips, fried mushrooms and sweet onions. Béarnaise sauce and sherry and cream sauce as well. Yum. I mean a salad…

  • What your best achievement / accomplishment?

    I won a few trophies in school and club with rugby teams however personally my best accomplishments have been my qualifications in becoming strength and conditioning coach with Setanta College.

  • What the most useful qualification you have?

    My kettlebell Qualification has been great for hands on learning of exercises that i got 5 years ago. I have learnt most bodyweight exercises by training with the bells.
    From an anatomy point of view i have learnt loads from my Strength & Conditioning course and can now highlight key movement patterns that a member is or isn’t doing well. Simple things like looking at how they move and then explain how they could improve the movement.

  • What are your current fitness training methods?

    I’m playing around with a formula of body resistance and then high intense bodyweight cardio. The dreaded Burpee.

  • What advice would you give some trying to get into shape?

    It’s all mental. Your brain says ok that enough lets go but you nearly need to shut it off and push yourself all the way. Nike is right when they said: JUST DO IT… Also I noticed that trying to lose weight comes in phases of motivation. I.e. people train there asses off for two months start getting somewhere and then stop. Why, keep exercise fun and enjoy what you are doing. Find a discipline that you enjoy and try everything.