Your titleTop 5 Christmas Survival Tips

Recently during one of my Strength & Conditioning class I asked a quick open end question to the group.
What do you struggle most with over the Christmas period?
This is there answer and for what it is worth my suggested answers to fixing the issues.

1. Too Much Food (Chocolate)
So your main focus over the Christmas period is to relax and enjoy yourself. This “enjoying yourself” can lead to major setbacks for weight loss. Much like when you go food shopping the trick is not to let yourself get too hungry. EAT REAL FOOD. No processed garbage or anything that comes from a packet. Meats, fish, raw veg (carrot / pepper sticks), cooked veg roast carrots, parsnips or butternut squash, Potatoes, avocados, fruits, berries, Greek yogurt the list goes on but make sure it is natural and comes from the earth.
Eat high protein food simply because these are low calorie based food and will also FILL YOU UP!!! E.g. Meats, Fish, Beans (All types), Oats, Green Veggies

2. Too Much Alcohol
Im not going to say don’t drink, Tis the season and all that. However your choice selection and mixers options will be important to keeping calories down.
Beers drinkers if you are watch your calorie can now choose light beers.
Wine drinkers can select a number of glasses to drink throughout the day and then stick to that. Easier said than done however, if you know that you will struggle with keeping this number down then talk to yourself and say right two glasses of my favourite red then onto perhaps a spirit and I will sit on them.
Spirit drinks will be best suited for those of you looking to minimise your calorie intake. It would be remise of me not to state the obviously that your liver and kidneys will be put under excessive strain to deal with these toxins and so less is best……..
Mixers with these should not contain sugar and so all sugary drinks are OUT!!! Instead select tonic water or soda waters with lime.
Water will help with hydration levels also helping to ease the pressure on liver and kidney functions. Perhaps a glass of H2O with your glass of wine or spirit drink. It will drastically help with hangovers the next day too. A pint before I go to sleep is my ritual that I swear by.
Chocolate or whatever is your weakness, you want to limit. So my suggestion is to get a small bowl and fill with a few of your favourites. This will allow you to see exactly what you are going to consume rather than grazing all day long doing untold damage. Be ruthless with yourself though and eat no more than the contents of the bowl otherwise it pointless. Don’t pick a massive salad bowl either !!!!!!!!

3. Money (And a lack of it!!!)
So the copious amounts of pressie buying and bills have left you with no money. With regard to exercise and staying active I would recommend long walks and the public park runs. However, it is easy to lose that lean muscle mass that you have been working so hard for. And so why not incorporate a 3 sets circuit into your run or walk. Every second day doing this will keep your metabolise burning and may not lead to improved gains but will definitely stop you from undoing your hard work during the year.
Most of you know our basic bodyweight exercises. You can either put a rep number on each exercise or download an interval timer on your phone ( for Free) and key in how many exercises and the time you want to work 40secs and rest 10 secs x 3 or 4 sets.
I would recommend Periphery Heart Flow (Upper body, Lower Body exercises repeating the exercises selection to make the heart work harder)
Basic Circuit Resistance:
1 Plank
2 Lunges
3 Push Ups
4 Bench Step Ups
5 Plank Toe Touches
6 Downdog / Updown (Yoga) & Walkouts

4. Hibernation (De-stress and Turn Off)
I hear you and this is definitely needed to mental unwind but also physically if you have been working out really hard throughout the year as this could be a rebuilding and restore time of year.
However getting some fresh air and doing some basic movement will keep the oxygen rich blood flowing to your brain and result in you mentally feeling great. Remember Christmas is about emotionally, mentally, spiritually connecting with yourself and your family. If the smallest bit of maintenance exercise can help you enjoy that more you would be silly not to engage in it.
Enjoy your movie, family chats and sleeping on the couch, just get that quick walk or exercises routine in during the morning.

5 Negative Mindset
I didn’t get out for my exercise, I ate too much, I drank too much, I feel like crap, where did this belly come from, I was doing so well, that was not worth it. Negative thoughts breed negative thoughts.
Feed the positive mind-set and positive actions will occur. Key point: What goes on in your head dictates your physical actions. Make them positive pro-active thoughts will show under self that you are taking positive control of your life to getting the positive outcome you want.
Whatever the negative situation try and find the positive and act on the positive. Worst case, drag yourself out and do a workout. Nobody ever said I wish I never did that workout!!!!
Have a fantastic Christmas all.
Love yourself, and your family.

One last thing.
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