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David Rush and Siobhan Condron are our Yoga instructors and we love them. They both teach a wide variety of Yoga style something that really appeals to us here in Strongbodies. This is because as the businesses grows we will be able to let the guys educate all our members on the wide variety of Yoga styles that can best suit you.

Currently though they teach a slow Vinyasa style. We chose this style as we felt it would benefits our members with increasing our mobility, flexibility and suppleness while also allowing greater performance when doing Fitness or Pilates training. For example greater posture during a Goblet Squat or Improving Core during a TRX Double Knee Tuck.

“Yoga increases stamina, flexibility, performance in all sports and prevents injuries.  It also helps to train your body for the challenging TRX poses.

Make sure you book into one of Davids or Siobhans Yoga classes. Ask questions guys, they are both a fountain of Knowledge.

Namaste 🙂







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